Words of #Sringeri #Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji on his Parama Guru (Sri Sri Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji):


Brahmasri Sri Virupaksha Sastrigal was appointed to complete the study of the Sastras (for the new Guru). Sri Virupaksha Sastrigal, who was famous in those days for his erudition in Nyaya and Vedanta, was astonished at the intellectual power of the Sri Guru. The study which took others three years to complete was finished by the guru in one year. Greatly surprised, Sri Sastrigal used to share his gratification with those around him.

The extent of scholarship acquired by the guru could be measured by the commentary which he wrote on "Viveka Chudamani". That sublime and authentic commentary has elicited the special admiration of the learned.

Sri Ganapathy Vyakhyana Vidwat Sabha is being held at Sringeri since very long. Many great pundits participate in it. In such a Vidwat Sabha, even those renowned pandits were amazed at the way the guru spoke about the implications of the Sastras. The Vakyartha Vidwat Sabha was the touchstone for the erudition of the Guru. Observing the Vairagya, scholarship in the Shastras and His observance of Sannyasa Dharma, a poet composed a Shloka extolling the Paramaguru as verily a personification of the Shastras, Sannyasa Dharma and Vairagya –

सशरीरः शास्त्रगणः तनुमांस्तुर्याश्रमोचितो धर्मः ।
विग्रहवद्वैराग्यं शृङ्गगिरौ भाति शारदापीठे ॥

The importance he attached to the practice of rituals appropriate to his ashrama was equal to his scholarship. His firm opinion was that proficiency in preaching was not enough, and that one should preach Dharma after following it oneself. That is why he was greatly interested in following the duties prescribed for his ashrama. This has been well brought out in the Naama श्रौतस्मार्त सदाचार धर्मपालन तत्परः in the Astottara made in his name.

His asceticism (Vairagya) was matchless. He had no desire for anything. As said in his Astottara, a lump of earth, a stone and gold were the same to him, and he did not value one above the other.. Because of this attitude, he was not inclined to bear the Mutt administration's responsibility. Therefore, he chose his successor and adopted a disciple in his 39th year of age and carried on the administration through him.

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