Vid Prof S K Ramachandra Rao - An Absolute #MustRead on Bhagavatpada


An Absolute #MustRead on Bhagavatpada: If the Hindus of today can legitimately be proud of their Hinduhood, it is in no small measure due to the services of this 32 year-old monk. This needs to be adequately realized by all. Shankara strengthened the foundations of the eternal Vedic faith to such an extent that the vigour imparted by him was an unfailing source of power and support in later years to the work and mission of the Acharyas like Ramanuja and of the hundreds of great saints and religious preachers in Southern, Central and Northern India. This is an undeniable historical fact. In Shankara's life and teaching and propagation lies embedded the immense vitality which is responsible for the safe preservation and sure sustenance of the eternal Vedic faith.

To designate Shankara as just an upholder of Advaita is to tone down his personality and to dilute his contribution. His life was the meeting place of the schools of Advaita, Vishishta Advaita and Dwaita. In the writings of Shankara is to be seen in quite a generous measure the impression of the noble inspiration of Qualified Monism and Dualism and of many other mystic faiths and cults of India, But one cannot see in the Acharya's works any evidence of the one-sided outlook, the narrow vision, the vigourless-ness, and the incompleteness which are characteristic of some of the teachers and preachers of later times. Indeed Shankara was the greatest, the noblest and the most luminous representative of expansive, universal and all-embracing Sanatana Dharma (the eternal Hindu faith) All that is sublime, strengthening, and glorious in the Vedanta faith as it obtains today is the handiwork of this distinguished monk, and this is true not only in respect of the philosophical aspect of that faith, but also in respect of its practical side. This is a thing which should make us very proud indeed.

The resplendent life-story of Sankara is a veritable lighthouse illumining the path of the universal and eternal Vedic faith.

Source of this writing is most probably Vid Prof S K Ramachandra Rao, awaiting corroboration before acknowledging.

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