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People come to us with a lot of anxiety asking "What sin have I committed that I am suffering so much ? As far as I Know I have been righteous in my Dharmic duties & devoted to the Lord, my friends who are opposite of me in this regard seem to be more happier than me!"

Our 'Samadhana' to them is in two parts, firstly, due to accumulated merits in their past lives, your friends may be having a good time now without any difficulties, however as they are neglecting their Dharmic duties now, they will soon run out of their 'savings' & face trials & misfortune. While your case may be just the opposite.

Secondly, Just like a typical teacher keeps asking tougher & tougher questions to an intelligent student of the class while asking easier questions to the mediocre ones, God too tests his devotees' commitment to Dharma & devotion by progressively giving tougher & tougher tests. The test of true character is no doubt in adversity & the devotee who remains unperturbed with misery & continues to love God unconditionally passes the test in flying colours & God will fast-track the spiritual evolution of such people.

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