Jagadguru #SriSri #VidhushekaraBharati Mahaswamiji on the various forms of God


Jagadguru #SriSri #VidhushekaraBharati Mahaswamiji: We must never forget that in reality,God is only one, though He assumes various forms such as those of Shiva Vishnu Devi etc
Till a person masters numbers, he needs aids like fingers, paper
calculator and the like. However, once he is proficient he needs no external aid & results simply flash in his mind. A person who has not yet gained spiritual maturity cannot offer worship or meditate on the The formless #Bhagawan(Brahman). #Rishis out of their compassion for the spiritual growth liberation of Humans have given vivid descriptions of the many forms of the same Bhagawan.

The Lord says in the #Bhagavad #Gita,
अजोऽपि सन्नव्ययात्मा भूतानामीश्वरोऽपि सन्।
प्रकृतिं स्वामधिष्ठाय संभवाम्यात्ममायया।
(Though I am actually unborn, am the immutable Self, and am the Lord of all beings, I take birth, as it were, through My power of Maya.)

Just like an actor who performs various roles in various plays does not become many, the Lord assumes many forms, does not mean He is many. If this is kept in mind, friction shall never arise.