Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Sannidhanam:


"A number of things(external) become necessary for man in his lifetime for leading a comfortable life. However, there is also something that man needs internally, without which all external comfort seem futile. What is this thing? This is Viveka, the ability to distinguish between what is good and useful, and what is wrong and harmful. One who has such Viveka is indeed exemplary. This Viveka is seen amongst those who have studied the #Shastras and have imbibed their import. It is because of such Viveka that a scholar is respected by all.

An in-depth understanding and constant reflection of the texts taught in the course of the study of the Shastras is essential. This can be made only by taking appropriate efforts. Listening to a text being taught in the Shastra cannot be akin to listening to a story. Studying a Shastra requires years of intense study, just as was required in the past centuries."

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