Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekara Bharati Mahaswamiji quoting #Upanishads & #Vairagya #Shatakam of #Bhartruhari:


The entire body with its sense organs must be used by us well to secure Shreyas (higher good). The Katha #Upanishad strikes a comparison that our body is equivalent to a chariot with the Jeevatman being the traveller, driven by the charioteer of the intellect using the rein of the mind the horses of our senses –

आत्मानं रथिनं विद्धि शरीरं रथमेव तु ।
बुद्धिं तु सारथिं . . .

One who has regulated his mind through the wisdom of the intellect will eventually be lead to the summum bonum – the supreme state of the All-Pervasive Reality –

विज्ञानसारथिर्यस्तु मनःप्रग्रहवान्नरः ।
सोऽध्वनः पारमाप्नोति तद्विष्णोः परमं पदम् ॥

Even as the “chariots of today” (cars) are purchased by expending a lot of money, the chariot, which is the human body, has been obtained by spending a lot of Punya (good deeds of past lifetimes that have fructified and resulted in the acquisition of the human body). source ahambrahmaasmi. org

The importance of serving the great personages in the Brahma Vidya Sampradaya – the tradition of Vedanta has been extolled by our scriptures. It has been stated that the results we accrue when engaging in serving others are in accordance with the nature of those being served. The Upanishads point out that it is hence in our best interests to serve a Brahma Jnani –

यं यं लोकं मनसा संविभाति विशुद्धसत्वः कामयते यांश्च कामान् ।
तं तं लोकं जयते तांश्च कामांस्तस्मादात्मज्ञं ह्यर्चयेद् भूतिकामः ॥

A verse from the Vairagya Shatakam of Bhartruhari says that it can be said that if the wise(Jnani) have the wealth of knowledge, the worldly people too have wealth. If the wise have the power of defeating opponents with misconceptions in debate, there are also people in the world who control immense power and have the military strength to defeat armies. If the wise have the ability to donate or shower knowledge to seekers, there are philanthropists in the world who engage in great charitable work. So can it be stated that the wise and the worldly are equivalent ? This cannot be so, because while the wise do not need anything further,the worldly even if possessed of power, wealth or might would still need to come to the path of wisdom and the knowledge of reality.

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