Jagadguru Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji on why adhering to #Dharma is of utmost importance


Adherence to #Dharma laid down in the #Shastras is the means to happiness in this world and the next. Adherence to Dharma is not difficult if one has the proper bent of mind. When asked about the performance of Sandhya Vandanam, an excuse is given that one is unable to find time as he has to rush to the office. If you have the bent of mind to perform Sandhya Vandanam, why can you not wake up a bit early and find time for it? This is due to the lack of Shraddha. Such being the negligence in matters of Dharma, there is no point in lamenting when misery ensues at a later point in time.

Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra has said, “O Mind, Why do you worry that such misery has befallen you now. You did not perform even a single good deed in the past life and merely engaged in sins. If you plant a banyan seed, how can you expect mangoes out of it. Similarly, if you have indulged in committing sins, how can you brood when experiencing the resulting misery.”

प्राक्कृतभोगावसरे ताम्यसि चेतो मुधा कुतो हेतोः ।
न्यग्रोधबीजमुप्त्वा शोचन्निव नाम्रमस्येति ॥ मनोनियमनम् सार्थम् ६ ॥

The results of Karma will be in accordance to the Karma. A student cannot attempt to secure a good standing in an examination if he does not study. Hence one must adhere to the proper means to securing our goal. When the proper means have not been adopted, what is the point in fretting over the result? Hence, have Shraddha in Dharma. This will happen only upon the realisation that Dharma is supreme. Instead, if Dharma is attributed to be a thing of the past and irrelevant today, how can Shraddha dawn? Hence, one has to adhere to Dharma with Shraddha for happiness to dawn.

The tenets of Dharma have been laid down only for our own good. The Dharma Shastras or the Maharishis who have laid them down or the Lord Himself do not stand to lose anything if we do not adhere to Dharma. For instance, we say that Bhagavan must be worshipped. If Bhagavan is not worshipped by us, does He stand to lose anything. He is ever-fulfilled and ever-satisfied. He needs nothing. So Bhagavan must be worshipped only for your welfare.

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