#Jagadguru #Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji on Contentment, Laziness & निष्काम कर्म: :


The feeling, "I want more", is due to longing. The absence of this in contentment, which means being satisfied with whatever one has.

We must be satisfied with what we obtain on a day to day basis, and not bother about the future - the future will be taken care of by the Lord. How were our ancients leading their lives ? The answer is contained in a verse, the meaning of which is as follows. "My intellect and body are functional now, but I was helpless and did not have much of an intellect when I lay in my mother's womb. Did I then have the capacity to procure food? No. It was the Lord who took care of me then. Why then should I bother myself now? Has the Lord now gone to sleep? Certainly not. I shall therefore simply do my duty and then cease to concern myself."

It should be borne in mind here, that this idea must not cause us to become lazy. On the contrary, the attitude of doing one's duty and then dedicating the fruits to Bhagavan must be present.

It is imperative to perform one's duty, for if one remains idle, Ishwara will not bestow anything. Only if you do your duty will the Lord be pleased. Therefore, he who remains without any longing alone gets contentment. And only by being content can he find happiness in life.

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