His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Chandrashekara Bharati Mahaswamiji's wisdom on the Path to Divine Understanding:


"Why should people quarrel about the nature of the Absolute Being? If we are content to believe that that Being has a form, we are at present far far away even from His feet, and the path to attain those feet is yet to be trodden by us all. When we are at the end of that path and if, by the grace of that Being, we are enabled to have a vision of His glorious face, it will be time enough then to look Him in the face and ascertain whether He is wearing on His forehead holy ashes or the trident mark or anything at all and whether he can be called Siva, Narayana, or by any other name. Why should we wrangle over it now? What does it matter to us in the stage in which we are at present situated whether the highest truth is absolute non-dualism, qualified non-dualism or dualism? The path of Dharma is broad enough for all of us to travel along, each according to the Dharma prescribed for him; when we have advanced far enough in this long and arduous road and are on the threshold of the final goal, it will be time enough to consider the true nature of the Absolute Being."

Sri Jagadguru's advice was therefore usually confined to such simple admonitions as: Remember God, Perform your daily ablutions, Do not hanker after riches, Be content, Preserve an attitude of detachment, and so on.

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