Golden words from an Anugraha Bhashanam by Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji


Golden words from an Anugraha Bhashanam by Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji made 30 years ago which needs to be framed in all houses! Reflect, rectify, and revive! The transformation begins within each of us.

"Old values have changed; virtue is being abandoned; good religious practices are neglected. Often people ask me for a way out from this mess. They do not realise that this mess is the creation of the parents, who are primarily responsible for neglecting to shape their offspring at a very young age. If there is proper initiation, there is no possibility of those young ones going astray later. The tradition of initiating the child's education with ओं, न, मः, शि, वा, यः has been devised by our fore-fathers with a view to inculcate faith in God even at that tender age. What a magnificent device to inject God and virtue into our lives! What advanced culture! When the child assimilates such noble culture, he will never deviate from that path. courtesy ahambrahmaasmi. org

In the name of modernity, these practices are being discarded by today's parents and the disastrous consequences are there, for all to see. If the child is not introduced to good manners, faith in God and practice of Dharma, his course of life takes an improper turn and enters into an improper environment. That is why, just recall how much foresight our ancient seers had, to lay down that the child's education should commence with "Om Namah Shivaya". We often praise them, but do not honour them by following the precepts handed down to us by them. We do not introspect and realise our mistakes. We preach but do not practice. This is the bane of our society. Everyone lectures but does not himself practice. Everyone cries "Sanatana Dharma is on the decline," and repeats it endlessly, but does not stop, to have an introspection into his own conduct. He, who does not set an example himself, but goes on blaming others for the decline of dharma, is the greatest enemy of Dharma. If everyone were to perform his own duty to protect, preserve and practice Dharma, how can there be any decline of that Dharma? Everyone should search his own heart. He need not offer any explanation to anybody. If he realises his own failure, that is the greatest service he can do to God. Let everyone question his conscience, whether I am doing the right things or not. If "yes" it is O.K., otherwise, correct yourself. You need not offer an explanation to anyone.
प्रत्यहं प्रत्यवेक्षेत नरश्चरितमात्मनः ।
किं नु मे पशुभिस्तुल्यं किं नु सत्पुरुषैरिति ॥
Everyone should perform this acid test of verifying and convincing his own conscience. He should not rest till his conscience assures him that he is on the right path. This is so because no one can lie to his own self. No one will act against his conscience if he is truthful. Even the worst offender is warned by his conscience, about his wrong-doing. It is said, therefore, that if a man is virtuous and of dharmic character, he need not perform holy pilgrimages or do penance. The Dharmic path leads one to salvation. Nothing else needs to be done. यमो वैवस्वतो देवो यस्तवैष हृदि स्थितः ।
तेन चेदविवादस्ते मा गङ्गां मा कुरून्गमः ।
If you are able to convince that your are virtuous, you need not go for a bath in the Ganga or put a lakh of rupees in the Hundi of Lord Venkateswara. But the crux of the problem is you are not clear to your conscience and to suppress that, you are searching for escape routes, like a bath in the River Ganga etc. Better set right your conduct, lead a virtuous life, a life of dharma, and do not cheat your own conscience. Then your living will become glorious."

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