A powerful message from #Jagadguru #SriSri Vidhushekhara Bharati Sannidhanam driving home a complex concept with a very simple illustration :


Once a man found a job and began to work sincerely and earned the goodwill of his employer. His employer over time was pleased with him. Once the employer had to attend to some work but was unable to go; so knowing that the man is capable, the employer deputed this man in his place. Eventually finding that the man remained loyal and dutiful, the employer made the man his legal successor to all that he owned.

In a similar sense, a person first becomes a devotee of the Lord. Receiving the grace of the Lord, he strengthens his devotion. He then begins to represent the Lord. How? The Lord begins to use him as an instrument, giving him the right thoughts to ensure that Dharma is upheld. Eventually, the Lord bestows on this devotee Chitta Shuddhi (purity of mind), leading to the Self-knowledge or Atma Jnana and resulting in the final emancipation called Moksha. This Moksha is the Parama Purushartha – the final objective of man; for there is then no return to the cycle of births and deaths — ब्रहविद् ब्रह्मैव भवति — The knower of Brahman is Brahman.
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