🧵03/10 of our Mini-series on account of 73rd Vardhanti Mahotsava(Birth anniversary) of #Jagadguru #Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahasannidhanam :


"Blessed with the fortune of serving this great Sage in whatever little way I could, I would like to share a few of my edifying experiences, illustrative of the immense benefits that accrue from the association with great souls.
In 1994, I was blessed with the divine opportunity of penning His Holiness's first detailed biography. Needless to say, I was trembling! I went about the task by reading published information such as souvenirs of the Mutt, and interviewing devotees, pundits and persons who were close to His Holiness. Each and every interaction only confirmed Acharyal's astonishing academic and spiritual attainments, thereby increasing my trepidation about my ability to complete the task undertaken. #Jagadguru #SriSri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Himself had praised Him as "one who is more scholarly than the most erudite of scholars." Having completed this homework, I proceeded to meet Acharyal Himself. When the moment came, sensing my thoughts, His Holiness said, "Before we start the session, I have a statement to make. Whatever excellence you find in me is due solely to the abundant grace of my Guru, Sharada and Chandramoulishwara. I have no claims to make in my individual capacity." He paused for a while, smiled and said, "Yes, I am done. Now you may pose your questions." I was speechless! That day I experienced the real import of the adage: "The true mark of a Mahatma is his unfathomable humbleness." courtesy ahambrahmaasmi .org

Even a single conversation with this sage of supreme wisdom is immensely beneficial. His answers are to the point, lucidly structured and comfortable to receive. Once, I asked Him,
"Which human tendency should be constantly kept in check by everyone to ensure peaceful life?" Pat came the reply: "Finding fault with people and things." "Why does Acharyal feel so was my next question. He laughed and said, "Everyone seems to be interested in nonchalantly criticizing others, but no one seems to be ready to accept criticisms from others. People don't realize the import of 'What you sow, so you reap"." How very true! "So, what would be Acharyal's advice here?" I posed my concluding question. "Avoid finding faults and cultivate Acceptance of what has come upon you, with the determination to make the best out of it. Thereby not only will your worldly life be trouble-free, but you will also become fit for spiritual introspection."
Acharyal's dedication to dharma is so deep that I have on several occasions thought of Him as an embodiment of Dharma itself. He does not allow even to infinitesimal proportions, a lax in the sincere performance of duties prescribed both for His life as a Sanyasi, and for the status assigned to Him by His Guru as a Peethadhipati. His pontifical commitments are extremely demanding. Yet, He carries them out with amazing ease even when He is physically unwell. Years ago, once I was blessed to be in His sacred presence, His Holiness was coughing intermittently. I asked, "Acharyal seems unwell..." He replied: "Yes, this body seems to have contracted some disease." "Wouldn't Acharyal consider some rest from the routine?" I said, with due apologies for sounding suggestive. "Why rest? There is still energy in this body. I can move! I would rather prefer to attend to My duty than to remain idle, as long as there is even one percentage of energy remaining in this body."
Acharyal's Guru bhakti is matchless. I asked Him, "What does Acharyal consider as the greatest gift of God to Him?" He immediately closed His eyes, joined His palms and replied in a tone of great reverence said “Being blessed with Sri Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha as my Guru.”

His Holiness is a divine spring of gushing grace where all afflicted souls can slake their disquiet and distress. An unfathomable ocean of compassion, this Jeevanmukta has been the guiding spirit for millions of earnest seekers of peaceful life and supreme knowledge."
-Sri K Suresh Chandar

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